<NoCarrier> Error Code

Aug 11, 2010 at 8:13 AM

Dear All,

I facing a problem when call the <entry.dial> function. 

Below was log capture in the log.txt file:

10/11/10 12:10:20RAS Status change: state='OpenPort' error='Success'

10/11/10 12:10:22RAS Status change: state='PortOpened' error='Success'

10/11/10 12:10:23RAS Status change: state='DeviceConnected' error='Success'

10/11/10 12:10:25RAS Status change: state='AllDevicesConnected' error='Success'

10/11/10 12:10:25RAS Status change: state='Authenticate' error='Success'

10/11/10 12:10:26RAS Status change: state='AuthAck' error='Success'

10/11/10 12:10:32RAS Status change: state='Disconnected' error='NoCarrier'   <<<<The dialing disconnected at this point.


What does this error description <NoCarrier> mean? What should I do? I follow the sample project download from this website.

Please advise.